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Looking for information on my grandfather, Tom Conway, O/C Communications, from Tipperary No. 3 Brigade, shot & captured, then went to U.S. in 1925. To best of knowledge. Any info would be appreciated – see page 197 of Florence O’Donoghue book “No Other Law” the story of Liam Lynch and the IRA. 1916 – 1923

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  1. Fin O'Driscoll May 9, 2011 at 3:50 am

    Re Thomas Conway,
    I have an article from a newspaper archive giving a detailed account
    of the wounding and capture of your grandfather in march 1923 by the Free State army.
    The website will not allow for copying and pasting, here is my email I shall send you the link for the article if you email me, very interesting I assure you.

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