Lord John Clifford


I will be holding a webinar on: “The Clifford Household during the Wars of the Roses 1450-87” at 7pm on Tuesday 12th May 2020. This webinar will last about 45 minutes and will cover the history of the Clifford family from 1455 to 1487 and their involvement in the Wars of the Roses.

This webinar will draw on various sources to explain their lives and times and there will be opportunities to ask questions and make comments. Also, it is FREE.

For further information or to make a booking, please click here.

Photo Galleries

My website includes photo galleries that feature photographs of historic sites. It can be viewed at: https://aw-history.co.uk/photos

The places that I have added most recently are as follows:


I have written some books on medieval history. The titles are:

  • The Clifford Household during the Wars of the Roses 1450-87
  • The Medieval European Sword
  • Medieval Pole Weapons 1287-1513

Further information and an opportunity to buy online can be found at: https://aw-history.co.uk/publications

Fact Sheets

My fact sheets provide basic information and some analysis and comment on medieval historical subjects. The subjects include historical buildings, events, people and other subjects. They are published online and are freely available. I hope that people enjoy reading them and that they encourage readers to explore medieval history further.

All my fact sheets can be found at: https://aw-history.co.uk/informationOther Information


My aw-history website contains various information about medieval history and can be viewed at: https://aw-history.co.uk/ We welcome visitors and hope that you enjoy the website. We also welcome contributors. Feedback is always welcome and should be addressed to me at adrian.waite@awics.co.uk

If you know anyone else who you think may be interested in ‘aw-history’ please forward this email to them.

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