The Burning of Cork city  A Tale of arson,loot and murder

The Burning of Cork city

Reprint of the Irish Labour Party publication from January 1921. Cork, South Gate Books, 1978. Large Octavo. XVI, 68, 60 pages. With many photographic illustrations. Softcover. Good condition with little scuffing to the cover. A hard to come by First edition.


Published by South Gate Books,

St. Nicholas Church Place,

Off Sullivan’s Quay, Cork,


This book contains both an eyewitness account of the burning of Cork City in Dec. 1920 by British Occupation Forces and a photographic record of the destruction to the city centre.

Part I is a facsimile of the booklet, Who Burnt Cork City?, published by the Irish Labour Party and Trade Union Congress, Dublin, Jan., 1921. The reprinting of this scarce booklet makes available once again this vivid account of arson, looting and murder.

Part II is a collection of 24 photographs, many showing the city centre before and after the fire. Included also are photographs of the British G.O.C. Strickland and the Republican Mayor, Donal Og O’Callaghan, as well as the Delaney brothers of Dublin Hill who were murdered by British Forces on the night the city centre was destroyed.

The publishers wish to thank the following for their courtesy and assistance in procuring photographs:

We are further indebted to Dan Nolan of Anvil Books for permission to reprint as an introduction to this book, Florrie O’Donoghue’s observations which are taken from their publication, Rebel Cork’s Fighting Story. O’Donoghue’s insight into Britain’s tactics of repression by fire are of particular value as he was both Adjutant and Intelligence Officer of the 1st Cork Brigade, Irish Republican Army, at the time of the terror campaign.