The Battle of Clonmult By Tom O’Neill

Revised edition.176 pages.

Near new condition.

The IRA’s  worst defeat

Exhaustive research by the author of newly available primary source material has unearthed new facts surrounding the battle. The new information allows this edition to more accurately document and analyse the Battle of Clonmult. The book makes an enormous contribution to our understanding of the events surrounding this battle and of the manner in which both sides conducted their military operations during the War of Independence. New insight revealed by the author’s research into the details of military operations by both sides is applicable not just to East Cork, but nationally. The information and analysis provided is timely as it increases our awareness of a period in our history which we are currently preparing to recognise and commemorate over the next few years.

On Sunday, 20 February 1921, at Clonmult near Midleton in County Cork, almost the entire east Cork flying column was wiped out having been surprised by a British Army patrol later reinforced by Auxiliary Police. Only one IRA man escaped the attack. Twelve were killed, seven after they had surrendered, and two of the eight captured were later executed.

In this balanced and factual account of the Battle of Clonmult, Tom O’Neill includes the formation of the column, the events leading to the battle, a detailed account of that terrible day for the IRA locally and nationally, the aftermath, trials, executions and reprisals. This book goes into detail of how the British Army located the column even though the informer had mistakenly directed them to the wrong house, and this revised edition draws on the original 1921 Military Court file of the Clonmult prisoners to provide new information on the battle.