Irish Rebel John Devoy Book.By Terry Golway.

Used fair condition. 315 pages.


Described by Padraig Pearse as the greatest of the Fenians, John Devoy was born before the Famine and lived to see the Irish tricolour flying from Dublin Castle. He was an avowed Fenian who went into exile in New York in 1871. Over the next 50 years he was the most-prominent leader of the Irish-American nationalist movement, and every Irish leader from Parnell to Pearse sought his counsel. He organised a dramatic rescue of Fenian prisoners from Australia, rallied Irish America behind the Land War, served as a middle man between the Easter rebels and the German government, and helped move Irish-American opinion in favour of the Treaty. When he died in 1928, Devoy was accorded a state funeral and a hero’s burial in Ireland.