Irish Army Defence Forces Review 2016

275 pages,A4 size,hard back,.

This is a heavy Book,some damage to the cover but otherwise excellent condition.

Article Title Page
History, Memory and Commemoration – An Archivist’s Perspective 1
Comdt Steve MacEoin
Military Innovation in Ireland, 1916-1923 9
Prof Tim Hoyt
Key Appointments and The Transition of the Irish Vounteers, The Irish
Republican Army and The National Army 1912-1933 21
Comdt Padraic Kennedy
Waxing and Waning: Garrison Towns in Independent Ireland 37
Dr Aoife Bhreatnach
“The Parting of the Ways”: The 1922 Split in the Dublin IRA and the
Foundation of the Modern Army 45
Tom Tormey
The Fighting Irish, 1914-1916 53
Comdt Lar Joye
The Beautiful Simplicity of the Military Mind and the Tangle of the Law:
The 1916 Court Martial Trial Regime 63
Col Michael Campion
Salus populi suprema lex: Hard Times and Difficult Decisions Bring Drastic
Action 81
Lt Col Jerry Lane
A Retreat from Revolution: Government and Army after the Civil War 95
Comdt Billy Campbell (Retd)
Establishing the Irish Military College 103
Col Tom Hodson (Retd).
‘A matter of day-to-day and even hour-to-hour improvisation’: Ireland’s
Experience of Dealing with the UN Secretariat during the Congo Crisis. 111
Dr Michael Kennedy
Article Title Page
The Irish Army in the Congo, 1960-64: The Foundation for
Permanent Defence Forces Peacekeeping Missions 123
Dr James McCafferty
‘The Troubles’ – An Irish Inspiration for SOE? A re-examination of a Long
Standing Theory Concerning SOE’s Origins 131
Mr Mark Seaman
Caveat Emptor – Building Ireland’s Small Navy 1945-49 141
Dr John Treacy
The Evolving Operational Paradigm and The Defence Forces 155
Col David Dignam
“All abord … or not?” Why are Naval Service Senior NCO Students Not
Availing of Education Opportunities? 167
Petty Officer Stewart Hamilton
Troubled Waters – The Legal Issues Inherent in the Defence Forces
Role in the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis 177
Cdr Pat Burke
Ireland – An Islander’s Perspective 189
Cdr Brian Fitzgerald
Just Flight Safety Culture and Irish Defence Forces: It’s a Question of Law! 197
Lt Col David Corcoran
Rethinking Irish Civil-Military Relations in the 21st Century 217
Prof Eunan O’Halpin
A Few Good Women: Female Leadership in the Irish Defence Forces 225
Lt Col Mary Carroll
‘We Can Thank Pearse For That’: The 1916 Easter Rising in Historical
Perspective. 235

Prof Tom Bartlett