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Information required on Irish Volunteers Youghal Cork, please see below. Any help appreciated.

irish volunteers youghal, Cork Brigade

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  1. robert kennedy December 26, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    To whom it condern.
    I have information on Patrick (Paddy) O`Rielly on certain things during the war of indiiependance and the civil war.
    My great grandfather, (Twomey) and grandmother, (nee` Glavin), lived in lower cork hill, Youghal.
    During the war, my g/grandfather was a grocer and my g/grandmother, as well as being a mother was also the town midwife. she died in 1978 but before she died, she told my grandfather some interesting stories from the period around the war, stories she keept secret all them years and only revealed them on her death bed, my grandfather in turn told me the stories before he died in 2006, my great grandparents was not involved in the struggle but was close to the O`Rielly family at that time, please contact me if you are interested and i dont think they will change the history books but they are a great insight to Paddy O`Rielly who is a true hero

    yours sincerly

    Robert Kennedy

    London England

  2. shellie71 December 13, 2022 at 10:10 pm

    My grandfather was paddy o Reilly’s first cousin I would very much appreciate any information or insights into paddy’s last few days he like my grandfather was an only son and his death so sad and devastating for his family.
    Kind Regards

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