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I am trying to get information on my grandfathers service in the Irish Volunteers 1918-1921. His name was Jack Rice from Laois. He later served in the Garda. Thanks

Brian O’Connell


I am trying to find service records for James (seamus) rice of markethill, Armagh, who said he was with the third northern brigade of the irish volunteers. He came to the US sometime in the 20’s after being in a british prison. I am interested in any possible info.

Thank you,

jerry ryan

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  1. Kevin Dillon January 25, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Hello Jerry,
    My grandfather, Joe Dillon, and two of his brothers were in the third northern brigade. They were based in Clogh Mils, Antrim. When my grandfather died; it said in the papers that he was the commandant of the 3rd brigade. According to my Aunty, it was his brother who was commandant and the papers made a mistake. It is difficult to tell now who was correct. Like Seamus, my Grandfather was also interned near the end of the Irish war of independence. His brother immigrated to the US after the war and my grandfather became a Garda in Dublin.
    Hope this helps a bit


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