information required

Would you please be able to tell me if it is possible to get a copy of the cert for the Oglaig na hEireann that was issued to my grandfarther Joseph Sartini
John Curley
————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-My grandfather, David Francis Ryder, was in the Mayo Flying Column. If there are any events involving this group, would you please have them contact me. David Jacob
New Jersey
john. I am looking for details on Moran possibly from prospect who took part in tne hunger strike in wormwood scrubs in 1920. He is my grand uncle.
trying to get any information on my grand uncle Patrick English killed in civil war on 6 or 8 July 1922 outside Mary Willies pub Urlingford .Where would I go to get information civil war?I think his name is on headstone above P Mac Inglir not sure dont know his irish name
I am still trying to seek info about my Uncle,born 1898 James McGovern, Irish Volunteer and IRB member. He was from Fermanagh/ Cavan district near Ballyconnell in Co Cavan. May have been student at at St Patricks College, Drumcondra before becoming involved I have photograph of him in uniform head- up only
F McCann
Could you tell me anything about my first cousin once removed (My dads first cousin) George Gilmore. I met him a couple of times when I was very young, but don’t know much about him, I would love someone to tell me all about him,

I notice in your list of names he’s not mentioned, why is this?

I look forward to hearing from someone that knew him as to what sort of man he was. and where I could buy some of his poems, writtings ,and paintings, and I beleive he wrote plays, but I can’t find any of these anywhere.

Please help me.

Conor kelleher Dear sir or madam
I am looking for some information for my mother n law regarding her father his name was John o Mahoney from Pearce rd ballyphehane cork city. His daughter Margaret is my mother n law she has told me he was a volunteer back in the old days and I was wondering if you had any pictures or anything with his name on it that I cd show to her. His nick name was drummer Mahoney if it helps. She is 72 years old now I just thought I try do something nice for her, regards Conor
Peter Hi
I am writing a paper for Skerries Historical Society on the Skerries Fire Brigade and wondered if Las Fallon could help me with any information on same.
Perhaps you might pass this on to him
Kind Regards
Peter Mc Nally
Robin P Ward Hi,
I am the gggranddau. of Thomas P Masterson, early Fenian active in NYC 1867 to his death. His name is in early Fenian articles, books, etc. Hung around with John Savage, O’Rossa, Thomas Luby, Dennis Phealan etc. Can anyone rec. a source where I might find a record of his death in NYC. He was a shoemaker as well as Recording.Sec. Irish Revolutionary Bro.hood. Please help. Thanks
Graham Hopkins Email Website Message To whom it may concern,

I happened across your website while looking for information on my great grandfather Joseph Hyland and to my surprise came across your picture of “Vol Joe Hyland. Joe was Collins’ personal driver, he also drove the squad on their missions to eliminate agents etc” Joe hyland is my great grandfather and i would like to find out some more information about him. Could you please help me
Margaret Kidney
I also am interested in finding out further information on no 3 , where the soldiers were killed by a mine at .Carrigaphooka bridge near Macroom. Captain Dan O’Brien was my father’s brother.
————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Thomas P Masterson was expelled from the UK/Ireland in late 1867 after about five months in prison, (after the March “Uprising”) though it looks like he was never actually convicted of “Fenianism” or anything else. He arrived in NYC 4 Dec 1867 and took the IRB oath from James Stephens (I think, don’t have my files in front of me.) He was given a letter of recommendation from Daniel Phelan (sp?) and jumped right back back into the movement.

If you have any info. Re his background I would appreciate it if you could either pass it on or point me in the right direction. His father’s name ( we think it is Luke) is the ultimate goal in my research, as it would consolidate research from multiple Masterson family members still trying to figure out all the connections.

I’ve got lots more info on him as well as the IRB members in the 1870-95 timeframe.


Robin P Ward
My Father has a book titled “Dan Breen, my fight for Irish Freedom” long out of print, which was left to him by his father Tommy “Maut” Thompson of Hedleys Bridge, Knocknakoshel, Co Kerry. He had known Dan Breen and corresponded with him until his death in 1966. It was a very detailed summary of his pre civil war exploits and many of the men with whom he fought. I’ll give it another quick read and see what I can find for you as it was very detailed. As a member of the No 2 Kerry Brigade under Humphrey Murphy, My Grandfather took part in the Ballyseedy Trap Mine which killed several Free State Army Officers. Wanted, he went on the run and left Ireland with his pal Taddy O’Connor for Canada in 23′. He went back in 1930 so that he could come back to the US legally. Great stuff isn’t it! Check back in a week or so and I’ll hopefully have some information for you.


I’m currently searching for information and sources for Bloody Sunday 1920.
I noticed a very helpful article on your website about Bloody Sunday, which had an emphasis on the shootings that took place early in the morning, I wonder if you could recommend any sources for such details? I’m eager to find any information, so if you could point me towards useful sources I would greatly appreciate it. Kerrie Costelloe
Can you help me with any information on Charles J Daly Cork No. 1 Brigade 2nd battalion. His date of birth, etc. I believe he resided in the South Douglas Road. Noel O’ Keeffe ——————————————————————————————————————————————————-
Looking for my father history he was in old I R A howth also in pipe band around 2016/17 joseph Lawlor any news out there. Kathleen McCarthy.
Iam seeking information on regards to my relatives in mayo.they would be the sammon/salmons from around murrisk i believe.i am also seeking info on my cousins the mcgreals.both families participated in the ambsh at carrowkennedys in 1921. james patrick salmon
Hi there patrick. I am researching my ancestors time in the I.R.A and National Army, my great grandfather’s family (o’sullivans) were quite actively involved in both the ira and national army and I am aware that we had a relative in ontario canada. Could you tell me if we possibly have a link. Do you know where abouts in Ireland your family are from? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. kim sullivan
My grandfather was Thomas Kavanagh from Killiney Co. Dublin.
I’m not sure if he was in the Volunteers or another group, but he was heavily involved against the black and tans and maybe the ‘civil war’. The family don’t know much or don’t say. Do you have any records. He died in about 1954. John Dunne
My grand uncle Philip Foley from Kilcurrane, Kenmare, Co. Kerry was in the IRA. He was wanted and escaped from Jail and got to NYC where he lived until he died of cancer in 1966. Are there any records on the volunteers? I am curious what more I can learn about him. Dr. Mary Foley Mc Inerney
If possible I wish to contact James Langton or someone who could aid me in identifying the year a certificate was issued to the me, there is one on Edward Bennets page that my granddad has, his is numbered 112 the number is not scanned in on Mr Bennets. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards
Janice Nolan
Dear Sir
My name is Michael O’ Sullivan and I am currently completing a postgraduate course. I am writing my dissertation on commemorative practice in the Pearse Street Area. I would like to inquire if you have any commemorative booklets, photographs etc from any commemorative events that you organised since your foundation. Anything associated with the 1966 commemoration of the 1916 Rising would be particularly useful. If any of your members would be open to the idea of me interviewing them about said commemorative practices I would greatly appreciate if you would ask them on my behalf. Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience at the above email address. Yours Sincerly Michael O’ Sullivan
My Great-Grandfather was part of the first Fianna Eireann Ard Fheis, Mansion House 1910. I was wondering if you would have any information on him? His name is John Clarke. In the photo he is 2 places to the right of Countess Markievicz. John Clarke.
But your email notice has prompted me to ask if there exists any nominal rolls of members of the Irish Volunteers in the period 1910 – 1916.

My understanding is that my late father, John McCullagh of Caum, Killanardrish but then residing and working in Cork City, was one of those members of the IV who responded to John Redmond’s exhortations and joined the British Army to “fight for small nations” and served with the RAMC at a field hospital in Salonica.

I wonder if it is possible to establish his service record with the Volunteers? Any information, suggestions or leads you can give me will be appreciated.

John F. McCullagh
Skillman, New Jersey
I’m looking to find graves of volunteers in galway city with a view to cleaning and maintaining them.Do you know how i would find out about getting any info?Thanks, pete coyne.
A chaiade,:
Go raibh míle maith agaibh as an bhfáisnéis thabhachtach seo.
Tógadh in Iarthar Luinnighe mé agus bhí aithe agam ar bheirt dheartáreacha a bhi ins na Volunters.
The Sheehan brothers Dave and Batt were the # 1 and #2 men in the Tournafulla Volunteer Company,
which was organized by a Presbyterian Ulsterman and Gaeilgeoir, Ernest Blythe.
Their O/C Tommy Leahy was born in the U.S. and raised in Tournafula. In the spring on 1921, he was captured with a rifle in his
possession, taken to England and sentenced to hang. But the Truce in July saved Leahy from his would-be executioner.
The previous February an uncle of the Sheehan brothers visited his old homestead in Garravane townland while vacationing
from his job as SHERIFF of San Mateo County Calif. Soon after Sheriff Mike Sheehan arrived in Cobh,
v he presented the Cork City Brigade with a Thompson machine gun
Resistance to British occupation was probably fiercer in Cork that in any of OUR 32 COUNTIES. At least 10 Cork I.R.A. Volunteers
were executed, including TOM MULCAHY, who was one of the four young patriots to face firing squads in Cork on 28th April, 1921.
Volunteer Muhcahy was only 18 years and 4 months when he paid the ultimate price for the freedom of Ireland,
an tír uile agus gach roinn di. None of these noble patriots died to uphold Partition.
Stephen Ehrling , Recently, I came upon my Uncle Thomas Clarke’s obituary when he died Sep 7th, 1959 in New York, USA. Besides the normal obituary placed the the family, their was a second immediately following the family ad. In part it read as follows:
Clarke, Thomas Sean. Oglaigh na h-Eireann regrets to announce the death of it’s member. Thomas Clark. Native of County cavan and a member of B Company, 4th Battalian, 3rd Northern Brigade IRA…….
It was signed by James McNamara, Pres. and Thomas Rochford, Secy.
I’ve been trying to obtain to obtain information regarding his military tenure and the two individuals who signed this obituary to no avail. CAn you provide me any information or point me in the right direction.

Thanking you in advance, Stephen Ehrling

I’m doing research for the 1913 Irish volunteer relating to an An Post.

We’re desperately looking to locate an accurate / impressive photograph that depicts the foundation of the 1913 Irish volunteers from 1913. Something that may also be licensed for reproduction. We don’t have a working historian on the project so our knowledge is a little troublesome.

Would anyone know if such a photo could exist or what the nearest iconic photograph during that year would be.

I’m aware that photography was in it’s infancy during this period so if anyone could talk to me about such high expectation, that would also great! The more info the better. Tim
any information on Capt Michael Danford shot 1922 thank you,,,Patrick J. Danford
wondered if anybody heard of Thomas O’Reilly, ( my great grandfather), he served with 1st and 5th batallion carlow brigade
noel mc evoy
Looking for information on my family. My family Horgan had several brothers who might have been volunteers in Limerick please email. Some of their name Ned Horgan,Luke Horgan Michael Horgan And Patrick Horgan.,,,michael horgan
Dear Sirs, On the road through Knockalougha nr Knocknagoshel co Kerry, there is a monument to a fallen volunteer. I have viewed it on google maps, but am unable to zoom in close enough to read the inscriptions. I have been unable to find any records of the monument online. Do you know where I might look for information, or might you have any information concerning this monument?
Kindest Regards Paula Turner
Hello, I’m trying to find out about my grandad Joseph McDonnell who fought with the ira i believe around 1920’s or earlier. I am told he was involved by my family but he wasn’t one to talk about it and I was to young to listen. He never received a pension because of some reason not known, but he was given a military funeral on his passing.
He was from kincon in co mayo and was born in 1898. I am wondering is there anyway I can find out more information on him or if this is a common problem . Paul ruddy
Brian Carroll. My late father, William Carroll [1901-1980] joined the Boys Section, ICA in April 1917. Is there any record confirming his service and the types of activities in which he was engaged? Thank you.”
Kieron Heath. Message my mother was born in Castlefield, Dundrum opposite what is now the Dundrum House Hotel. My mum’s name was Sarah Mary Ryan, daughter of John Ryan and Jane Ryan (nee Carew) from Bishopswood. My mum’s uncle, Michael Ryan, was killed during the war of 1919-1921. I am trying to find out exactly what happened to my great uncle -Michael. I would be grateful for any help you can provide.
This an identical uniform of my great grand father William dillon of Belfast n Ireland he was 18 years old his wife was Sarah Thomson if any one knows more of him please contact me. Thanks for this ray of family hope. Barbara jean burger .
Hi there,
I am trying to find out more about my grandfather who was a volunteer. I know very little of his history as he died before I was born and he only had four daughters who where never informed of his story. He was an Ennis man, and was interned but I dont know when or where. His name was Michael (miko) Scallan. Im not sure where to start so any help from yourselves would be great.
Thank you in advance
Hi I am looking for information on my grandfather Hugh (Goff) Kelleher from the Townland of Gurranacoppal, (right near the Bell pub.) Clondrohid near Macroom. He was born in 1897 and was from a farming family his father was Daniel Kelleher and he had an uncle Michael Kelleher who was blind. His sister was Julia Kelleher. I do know from my uncle that he shot an English Sargeant (my uncle did tell me the shot man’s name but I cannot remember it.) Can anyone tell me which division would cover Macroom and Clondrahid. I remember my grandad talking about the Black and Tans burning houses in the area. If anyone could provide me with more information about the volunteers and their activities in this area, I would be very grateful. Johanna Kelleher
Stephen McSweeney ,,,,Message hello , i am looking for information about my great grandfather. my father recently said he had the military salute performed by Tom Barry at his funeral. is there a reference list i could see % see if it gives refernce to his being a volunteer? he lived in the Macroom area.
thanks for reading
chris wilson ,, Message i wonder could you please help. I am looking for information on a great great uncle of mine Peader Clancy. he was murdered in Dublin castle along with Dick Mckee and Connor Clunes. I hope you help.
I am seeking info on Old IRA Belfast, especially “A” Company 3rd Battalion. I have just acquired records from PRONI on an arrest of my grandfather Eneas McGibbon along with a Peter Cosgrove, 5 July 1922. Unfortunate for Eneas but fortunate for his daughter and grandchildren is that he was raided by the RIC and his pocket book identified him as IRA Belfast “A” Company 3rd Battalion. This was a gift to us who suspected Eneas was a fighter for the Republic but until this month no one knew definitively! I have been researching his life for 6 years. I have several arrest records for him, all having to do with fighting for Irish Independence. His was born in Mayfair St Belfast and lived at Parkview St. Are their lists of any kind for the old IRA? I have not seen one photo of his company. Does any one have knowledge of when this company would have been formed? What Division (if any) would A Company 3rd Battalion be a part of ? Any info is greatly appreciated! Catherine B
Hi, I am trying to find information about my grandfather, Edward O’reilly, we have a cert which tells us he was with “H Company 1st batallion Dublin Brigade” the dates on the cert are 1917-1923. Along the side of the cert it tells us of events he was involved in. “the customs house” “capel street” “Kings inn” and the attempted escape of Kevin Barry, The names signed on the cert are, Seamus Kavanagh,, Thomas Byrne, Patrick Holahan and Oscar Traynor. thanks for your help..Noel Mc Evoy
Am doing some research regarding my paternal grandfather, Thomas A. O’Connor, born April 1900 Dublin, died April 1949, Brooklyn, NY. He served as an IRA section commander of Company B, 1st Battalion of the Dublin Brigade (1916-1923).. Would like to learn of his actions, and/or any awards/medals he earned to educate myself and my son. My father (born 1941) was to receive his father’s IRA medals upon his dad’s death, but the medals were sadly lost. It would be great to find these for him before he passes someday.
Warm regards,
Rory O’Connor
Maribeth Nolan ,,, Message I am trying to find documentation for my grandfather, John J. Nolan, who we have always believed was involved in the war for independence. He was an Irish tenor who performed via the Walter McNally Opera comapny. He was called Shaun O’Farrell. Can you direct me to any resources I might be able to check?
Thank you,
Maribeth Nolan
John Kelleher ,, I am looking for biographical information regarding Tom Kelleher, his date of birth, parents’ names, and place of birth. Can you direct me to a resource for this information? Thank you.
Olivia Elayne Murray ,, I’m trying to find ancestors of Hurley’ involved in the 1916 Uprising from Cork’ thank you s very much’ O.E.Murray’ from Vancouver Canada
Joe Burns ,, Seeking information on Jack McCavanagh or McKavanagh from Lurgan Co Armagh. Have medal but no information.
I am researching my uncle’s Thomas Fyans’ activities whilst he was in Old IRA in D Company of the 1st battalion, Dublin Brigade from 1917, with active service from
1919 onwards. Later, according he was a member of the Criminal Investigations Department in Oriel House. Can you advise addresses to write to or websites to investigate? regards M P Byrne
kevin nyhan ,, Im looking for info on my grandfather who I believe worked for the british forces in ireland in the 1920s as a book keeper in Mallow ,where might i find any records
John Dowling ,,,,, Information on 5th Battalion Engineers Dublin Brigade Old IRA
Steve Ehrling ,, My uncle was Thomas J (Sean) Clarke, He died in New York on Sept 27th, 1959. Recently I became aware that he was a member of B Company, 4th Battalton, 3rd Northern Brigade of the IRA. Family folklore has stated that he spent time in prison during the Irish Rebellion before coming to New York 1925. Can you provide any info on my uncle or point me in the right direction.
I am the great nephew of Charlie Hurley and will arrive in Ireland this week. I want to locate the Roadside memorial at Ballymurphy indicating the location where Charlie Hurley, Brigade O.C. was shot dead. Is there any chance to get a location (GPS)? I am also trying to get the location of the memorial featured here memorializing the Crossbarry Ambush. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Greg Storch .
Sue Hi, I’m a senior student in Australia and I have a research assignment on the Irish conflicts and it’s difficult because I am the only student who chose this topic. Could anyone please recommend and historians who have opinions on The Anglo-Irish Treaty and Civil War? I need historian opinions to prove/support my hypothesis so any historians thanks. I already have Robert Kee down so any other would be extremely helpful!
Sean Hegarty ,, Hi Might be able to advise
A relative off mind Sean Hegarty was in the GPO in the 1916 rebellion.He raised the flag on the GPO.He is buried in the republican plot in Glasnevin.Died in 1933 was on hunger strick in 1922.Is there any where I could contact to see what medels he received,can you still claim medels or even a cert to confirm he got them..
Port I believe my grt grandfather was a soldier – married in Dublin in 1894 and was listed as a “soldier” – family think he was in the black and tans – unfortunately I dont have a dob for him – only that when he married he was “full age” – I also believe that he was born in England – would I have any way of checking if he did serve? thank you.

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  1. John O'Driscoll April 19, 2013 at 11:35 am

    I have information on Wormwood Scrubs Prison and Hunger Strike ( Dec 1919 to June 1920 ) including :-
    John Moran ; John O’Mahoney ; Denis O’Brien ; John McSweeney ; William O’Brien ; Edward O’Brien ; David O’Brien ;
    Send an email address for information.

  2. kathy April 26, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    I would like any info that you may have about my grandfather, Thomas John Clarke who was commended by James MacNamara and Thomas Rochford for his service in Company B,4th Battalion, 3rd Northern Brigade on his death in New York in 1959. As I am a direct descendant I believe I am entitled to information about my grandfather and/or the above brigade he was involved with. Hoping for answers,

  3. Barbara O'Halloran May 24, 2013 at 12:22 am

    I would like to know any information on the Batt O’Connor family. My late husband Joseph O’Halloran was the great nephew of Batt. His grandmother was Katherine O’Connor, Batt’s sister.

  4. Barbara O'Halloran May 24, 2013 at 12:29 am

    I would like to find any information on the family of Batt O’Connor. My late husband Joseph P. O’Halloran was his great-nephew. His grandmother was Katherine O’Connor, sister of Batt O’Connor

  5. john o'driscoll June 3, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    John Moran was interned in Wormwood Scrubs Prison under Offence
    under the Defence of the Rhelm (DORA) and detained from 05/02/1920
    to 30/04/1920 when he was sent to St James’ Hospital ,Wandsworth.
    -email me if this is your grand uncle. I may be able to direct you to Newspaper cuttings.
    all internees were on “Hunger Strike” at the time.

  6. Heather O'Brien June 16, 2013 at 3:45 am

    O’Driscoll – How can I contact you for David O’Brien Wormwood info? Email not seen displayed. Thanks –

  7. john o'driscoll July 2, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Heather O’Brien -sorry for the delay !

  8. john o'driscoll July 4, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    Heather O’Brien –
    David o’Brien ( Prison No.3826) – Age 23 -was interned in Wormwood Scrubs from 9th February 1920 (arrested 05/02/1920) until 19thJune 1920 when he was directly discharged with 2 others (the last 3 and Jeremiah O’Driscoll my uncle was with him.)They were the last released because of their condition after being on “hunger strike”. The were discharged in this poor state to find their way home. You will find newspaper reports of their in the Irish Independent around that time -April to June 1920- If I find any I will send them to your email address – send it to me.
    Glad to help – John

  9. william or billy hynes September 12, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Hi to you John. Do you have the names of those from the Kilworth and Araglen areas in North Cork, who were interned in Gormanstown Camp during the emergency. Perhaps you might also have the names of those from the same areas who were interned in Wormwood Scrubs.
    Noel Hynes.

  10. Mike Healy September 16, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Seeking information on my uncle, Daniel Healy,Tralee, who participated in the Wormwood Scrubs Hunger Strike during April/May 1920. He was one of a group of prisoners transferred to Wormwood Scrubs from Belfast Jail in late April 1920,. While in Belfast, he was elected O/C of the prisoners and led the hunger strike there before being transferred to Wormwood scrubs.

  11. John O'Driscoll September 27, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    For Billy Hynes – I could only acquire info on Wormwood Scrubs. I would need the names as the home location was
    Not listed – The Prison recorded the number,age,height,colour of eyes
    And Detention Details.
    Admin may be able to help as I have post. -John.

  12. BCP Keane November 24, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    Re Thomas Kavanagh .

    There is a Thomas and James Kavanagh listed as Volunteers in E Company 6th Battalion based in Blackrock Co.Dublin around the time of the truce , during the Civil War this company became no 5 unit G Company 3rd Batt. Dublin Brigade on the anti treaty side.

  13. Heather Graham November 25, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Doesn’t anyone remember George Gilmore ????? if you do remember him please contact me.

  14. Kathy B July 8, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    Hi looking for information on my Great Grand Uncle Hughie Curran. He escaped from the Curragh Camp in 1921 and soon after left for NYC. He worked in a music shop somewhere there making fiddles before working for the United States Postal Service. These are all family stories and I have no documentation as I believe he may have changed his name to protect his identity.

  15. gavan January 30, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    ‘Barbara O’Halloran says:
    May 24, 2013 at 12:29 am
    I would like to find any information on the family of Batt O’Connor. My late husband Joseph P. O’Halloran was his great-nephew. His grandmother was Katherine O’Connor, sister of Batt O’Connor’

    Hi Barbara,

    I am Batt O’Connor’s great grandson. I am currently collating information on Batt with a mind to the centenary anniversary of the uprising. I’d be delighted if you get in touch –

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