The Forgotten Vice-Commandant

The Forgotten Vice-Commandant There is an Interesting new local book out associated with the Revolutionary period in Limerick called 'The Forgotten Vice-Commandant' - A Grandson’s Account of Johnny Mc Sweeney, [...]

Spike Island’s Republican Prisoners, 1921

Spike Island’s Republican Prisoners, 1921 Written by Tom O’Neill €20.00 Paperback May, 2021 Spike Island was the largest British military run prison for republican prisoners and internees in Munster and [...]

Murder By the Throat

Murder By the Throat Espionage, Assassination, Collaboration and Execution During the Irish War of Independence, 1916-1921 Written by Edward J. Bourke Published March 2020 Inquiries pending bookshop reopening and [...]

Twice a Hero by Phil Tomkins

Twice a Hero by Phil Tomkins A soldier's story written by a soldier. The true story of hardship and horror in the blood and mud as seen through the eyes [...]


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