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The Irish War

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Tom Barry and the Boys of Kilmichael

A Chara; As Historian for AOH Division 18 in Peekskill, N.Y. I write a monthly History Column for the division's newsletter. The attached is a copy of the column I put together for November's issue. Due to space considerations I did not get into the controversy created by the late [...]

Murder By the Throat

Murder By the Throat Espionage, Assassination, Collaboration and Execution During the Irish War of Independence, 1916-1921 Written by Edward J. Bourke Published March 2020 Inquiries edward.b[email protected] pending bookshop reopening and distribution Retail price €20  inc post from 33 Rushbrook Dublin 15 D15HDE7 ISBN 978 09523027 4 2 Lloyd George boasted [...]

MP McMahon, Meelick IRA, Information Required

I was wondering if you could you help me find records relating to my grandfather's cousin, MP McMahon. He was part of the Meelick IRA in the early 1900's. See below a newspaper article from the Limerick Chronicle in 1921 re his funeral; it seems that it was very big [...]

IRA Volunteer Bill Shanahan, Information required

I wonder if you could help me to get any further information that might be available with regard to the activities of my Uncle, Bill Shanahan who was a volunteer in Dublin in 1920/21.  I just recently found out that he was in the IRA and was arrested in May [...]

The Clifford Household during the Wars of the Roses 1450-87

Webinar I will be holding a webinar on: "The Clifford Household during the Wars of the Roses 1450-87" at 7pm on Tuesday 12th May 2020. This webinar will last about 45 minutes and will cover the history of the Clifford family from 1455 to 1487 and their involvement in the [...]


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